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My main aim as a lifestyle photographer London is to capture a moment in someone’s life where the person or people are not aware of the camera, to portray people in doing their everyday activities; like cooking, meeting friends, dating, parenting, dealing with health or financial or business situations. The possibilities are truly endless.

The greatest challenge is to combine landscape, portrait, event/action and inspirational photography skills in one single candid shot. To fully capture the mood of a photographed situation and to reflect on the story behind the image requires perfect unity of lighting, casting and styling:

● Exquisite lighting that looks as natural as possible, creating a sort of light and airy effect.

● Models looking healthy, fun and energetic, very realistic, believable and expressive.

● Location, props and outfits carefully selected.

As a professional photographer with many years of experience and multiple skills, I can ensure that all crucial elements of lifestyle photography are considered and fully executed.