Treatwell Case Study

Job Title

Commercial/Interior/Portrait/Product Photography






I was hired regularly to photograph beauty/hairdressing/spa salons across London to be featured on Treatwell’s website. All venues were to be shot and edited according to a very particular Treatwell lighting and style guide.


Close cooperation with venue staff was essential to minimise interruption, as often I would shoot during the salon’s operating hours. The aim was to produce a diverse selection of visually engaging interior, exterior portrait, product and ‘treatment images’.  My flexibility and creativity, as well as my technical skills, were required to portray the venues at their very best.


Fully edited, perfect images capturing the venue style and atmosphere delivered in 48 hours’ time with minimal disruption to salons’ operations.


Renata Boruch has been working for Treatwell as an Interior Photographer from the 1st of August 2015, until the 31st of August 2017.

Whilst at Treatwell, Renata’s responsibilities as an Interior Photographer were to photograph and post-produce images of our venues. This includes timely visits to our partners and a timely upload of the final product. Renata consistently delivered very good quality results. I am certain Renata will do a great job in her field and would therefore recommend her to any other organisation.

Diane van Eldik

Group photography manager