OxyTherapy Case Study

Job Title

Portrait photography


Audrey ARCHAMBAULT - OxyTherapy


Highbury & Islington, London


I was hired to take candid, natural-looking portraits of my client for her website and media profile.


It is vital to exchange shoot ideas with the clients prior to a portrait session. After receiving an email from regular client Audrey I called to discuss the shoot objectives in more detail. Choosing the correct outfit and shoot location and dedicating enough time makes a substantial difference to the creation of their professional image; maximising its impact on their marketing and social media presence.

We decided to use her Highbury & Islington based practice, where we could shoot in a relaxed atmosphere with the light I knew would achieve the lifestyle/editorial type of portraits we desired, bringing out her true beauty and personality.


In the 90-minute session, I produced images that we agreed truly represented the essence of my client in the style that she had envisaged. She was delighted to use them to enhance her public media profile.


Renata is very professional, thorough, straight to the point and will advise you clearly on your options and her recommendations. We run a business of Nutrition, Health Coaching, Massage and Fitness and will use her services again. Thanks for your work and swift response anytime we need.