GK Architects Ltd Case Study

Job Title

Interior/Architectural Photography


GK Architects Ltd


266 Strand, WC2R


I was hired to photograph a newly finished architectural project of a rather small space transformed into very luxurious flats in a way that would display their great architectural solutions to unlock the full potential of the place.


Light is very crucial in photographing interiors, especially dealing with small spaces so I picked morning time for this particular project and used natural light to provide the most accurate images of the space. I like adding editorial feel to photographed interiors; that is why I decided to include thoughtful detail shots to help tell the story of somebody’s potential home.


My images have been used in all GK’s promotional materials, either in print or online, helping my client to achieve its aim of promoting its architectural values and the unique solutions at this location. In this way I have helped their sales and success of the project.


Renata Boruch worked with GK Architects on a number of our projects
In her photographs, she managed to capture the essence of every building, both exterior and interior.
We would gladly recommend her to anyone looking present their property at its best.