Anglia Ruskin University Case Study

Job Title

Marketing Images


Marketing Images


Anglia Ruskin University, London

19 Charterhouse Street

London EC1N 6RA


Anglia Ruskin University is one of my regular clients; I have created much material for them over the last few years. This time they needed a selection of interior, exterior and life style images for their new brochure and general marketing and social media use.


In such complex shoots planning and close collaboration with the client is essential to succeed in delivering the client’s brief. We aimed to complete the task in one working day. Taking into consideration how busy the streets are during the week I decided to take the exterior shots very early on a Sunday morning. It was the optimal time to take a clear and impressive shot of the whole building. In so doing I could dedicate appropriate time on the actual shoot day, maximizing the use of daylight to create a variety of lively and engaging life style/editorial images. These involved students and members of the staff portrayed in their daily activities in various locations: in the library, lecture rooms, lunch space, computer room, and so on.


The outcome of my using time creatively outside of the shoot day itself undoubtedly improved the quality of the images and control of the agenda on the day. This in itself lead to a more relaxed atmosphere, contributing to the natural appearance of the scenes and the appeal of the university campus and lifestyle. The aim of Anglia Ruskin to attract a diverse range of students, including those from abroad, was thereby enhanced.


Renata has been involved in many photography and videography events that have contributed to promoting ARUL in various marketing and networking events and has always shown a high level of professionalism. Her work is very creative and artistic as she produced fantastic work for ARUL which we are always happy with. She is super flexible and guides you every step of the way and is someone you can really rely on. Thank you and look forward to seeing you soon!

Anita Virik

Head of Careers & Employability