Doing A Colour Run? Hire A Social Event Photographer!

Doing A Colour Run? Hire A Social Event Photographer!

Sometimes, just sometimes – even in the days of the mobile phone – hiring a London event photographer is a complete necessity. This is especially true if you’ve signed you and your group of friends up to do a colour run, one of the most fun activities you can do – and certainly one of the most worthy of being captured on film.

Quite simply, colour runs – which take place all over the UK throughout the year – involve running 5k or thereabouts in white clothes and charging through lots of powdered paint on your way around the course. You get absolutely covered in paint from head to toe and finish with a massive smile on your face!

Yes, you can run for time if you’re a competitive runner but colour runs are usually about fundraising and having a brilliant time, so don’t worry if you don’t think you’re good at sport or aren’t at your peak of fitness. You can take as long as you want to complete the course and however long you do it in, you’ll have the time of your life.

Because there’s so much paint going around – and there’s a huge paint party for the finishers at the end – there are some amazing photo opportunities throughout the day. You probably won’t want to take your phone on the run with you in case it gets covered in paint, so hiring a photographer in London would be a great idea. They’ll be able to capture all the fun for you and you’ll have some amazing photos to stick on the wall afterwards.

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4 Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

4 Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Birthday party planning for your children is an awful lot of fun – but let’s be honest, there’s a certain element of competition there as well, isn’t there? You want your kid’s party to be the best in the entire class, one that makes other parents feel they have to raise the bar a bit with their own party planning! So to help you get the jump on the rest, here are some top trends for kids’ parties you might want to consider.

Wonder Woman

The movie of the moment has to be Wonder Woman so what about throwing your youngster a superheroine party? You could all head off to watch the film (as long as they’re over the age of 12, of course) then make your way back to your house for a themed party – check out Oprah Winfrey’s own Wonder Woman party for a few ideas!

Monochromatic decorations

In days gone by, it was the norm to make birthday parties as colourful as possible, but these days parents are opting for a bit of black and white with their decorations instead. If you plan ahead properly, you’ll end up with some seriously stunning photos from your London event photographer.


While monochrome is a big trend at the moment, on the other side of the coin we’ve got neon – amazing fluorescent colours that would be perfect for a seriously fun and exciting shindig.


This is a fab theme for a birthday party since it’s perfect for both boys and girls. You could go crazy with the decorations and have huge ferns decorating the room and the tables, and food couldn’t be easier with lots of pineapple, fruit salads and tropical juices.

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How To Shoot Food For Instagram

How To Shoot Food For Instagram

Instagram can be an incredibly useful tool for businesses to grow their clientele, particularly if you have something beautiful to sell.

Food is always a hot topic on this particular social media platform, with people posting photos of everything from their working lunch to exquisite culinary creations from high-end chefs. If you run any kind of food business, you should be looking at ways to maximise your presence on Instagram.

Focusing on hashtags is one option – we recently highlighted some of the best hashtags to use to help grow your audience, with the likes of #Foodie and #chefmode making the list – but making sure your photos are stunning is also essential.

Hiring a food photographer in London is a brilliant way to get some outstanding shots of your staple dishes or products, but you probably can’t afford to have a pro on hand every day.

Luckily, the Evening Standard has recently offered some advice on how to shoot the perfect food photos for Instagram.

Its top tip is to make sure you have good lighting – that either means having good natural light, or being in a position to properly illuminate your delectable dishes.

While we all know you want people to focus on the food, that alone isn’t enough to make a shot Insta-worthy. You need to have some props to really bring your image and your dish to life. The newspaper suggests using simple touches like a napkin or a worn silver spoon to add the depth you need.

You may be tempted to play around with angles and perspectives, but this could be a mistake if you want the focus to be firmly on the food. Shooting overhead is simple and the best way to properly capture your plate, without blurring, under or overexposing what you’re serving.


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Why You Need A Photographer At Your Event

Why You Need A Photographer At Your Event

If you have ever wondered whether or not you need a commercial photographer to cover your event, them make sure you read these reasons to find out why.


If you take yourself seriously then other people will too. It is important to show people that your event is run professionally, and a commercial photographer does just that. It shows you have invested in the details.

You will also find numerous uses for those images in the future, even if you can’t think of any now, to add a professional touch to your communications.


Sometimes companies think they can take all the photographs they need on the day, but the truth of the matter is that it is very hard work. Professional photographers often have an assistant, showing just how much work goes into capturing an event.

Make sure you have time to speak to your contacts, keep everything running smoothly, and generally apply your expertise on the day, and we will apply ours.

Social media

The stronger your images the more likely they are to rise to the top. Swap your iPhone snap shots for professional ones, and the image you are showing to your future audience is a very positive one.

People love to see themselves

And show your current audience that you think they are special too! Share the images from the event with your delegates, and add value for them and for you. A strong group shot at an important industry event will be very valuable for your delegates, and will introduce your event to their audiences for the future.

If you’re in need of a Lomdon commercial photographer, get in touch with us today!


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Instagram Hashtags To Grow Your Audience

Instagram Hashtags To Grow Your Audience

If you are looking for the best food photographer London has to offer for your catering or restaurant business, then make sure you are photographing the right foods to really make an impact.

The sharing of food on Instagram has become a cliché, while simultaneously changing the face of our eating habits. Where once some restaurants banned food bloggers from taking unflattering photographs of their food, improved cameras and filters mean that the food industry have realised Instagram coverage can be more of a boon than a hindrance.

People on Instagram will see your new posts if they are liked by people they follow or if they search for hashtags.

Obviously we all know that avocado is the most Instagrammed food in the world, but what are your audience actually looking for?

Here are some of the most commonly used Instagram hashtags in use:

#Foodie This hashtag has proved popular not only in people’s bios, but also in their posts. These are likely to be found in the posts of people who post food regularly, so add these if you want to catch them.

Images: 47 million


#Foodporn If you are the purveyor of any particularly decadent foodstuffs, (think cronuts and anything with a unicorn on it) then you may have already seen your rivals tagged in this way. Make sure your photos are tiptop, and the frame is filled with the item you are trying to show off. This should look full-on and decadent.

Images: 104 million


#chefmode Yes there is a certain irony to using this if you are in fact, a chef. Worry not however, this tag is perfect if you want to show off the artisanal sills you use in your establishment.

Images: 59 million


Use these to make sure your photos get noticed.

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